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Winter Update – June 2012

By 30/06/2012November 24th, 2018News & Reviews

As I write this, Winter is on our doorstep and the last of the vintage operations have been completed in the cellar. This usually involves transferring the last of our Shiraz into barrels and monitoring the sparkling base wines as they complete their malo-lactic fermentation in barrel.

The vineyard looks restful as the last auburn leaves in the Shiraz fall heralding the start of pruning. The 2012 vintage was great success with many outstanding wines made in what was a perfect season. Mild temperatures and dry sunny weather during ripening allowed us to harvest perfect fruit which then was crafted into wines that have great potential. This mild season also promoted plenty of pasture growth on the property and kept our resident mob of grey kangaroos very content. Luckily they prefer grass to grapes!!

This is the environment that our wines come from and we always hope to capture its cool and serene beauty, vitality and depth.

Best wishes for a pleasant Winter merging into Spring.

Jane  & Hylton

June 2012