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Wine Pilot reviews 2021 Honeymoon Chardonnay

By 29/06/2022News & Reviews

2021 Honeymoon Vineyard Chardonnay (RRP: $40)

This is a great example as to how Chardonnay production is inspired by its origins. The team at Honeymoon Vineyard left a note: ‘shooting for a Petit Chablis style of Chardy!’. Commendable hand eye co-ordination, as they certainly hit the target, the 57% portion from Piccadilly may have helped. Water-like clarity with a drop of chartreuse, the nose is oh so pretty – a combination of white blossoms, white nectarine and pear drops. A lot of white – fitting as this wine is a reflection of purity, and at 11% alcohol you too will feel virtuous. On the palate there thirst quenching acidity is complemented by an evolution of flavour. Co-founder Hylton McLean attributes these refreshing yet delicate flavours to the Bernard clone, discovered during his decade tenure as senior white and sparkling winemaker at Orlando Wines. Never excessive, the wine presents with delicacy – that initial bite into a Granny Smith apple, freshly sliced lemon, white nectarine and a soft crème brûlée close. A youthful wine, you wish you could embody.

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